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Aloha Hawaii

01.02.2009 to 09.02.2009

sunny 25 °C

It all started sitting under a palm tree waiting for our shuttle from Honolulu airport to the Backpackers Inn and Plantation Villiage, North Shore Oahu. The weather was everything you imagined Hawaii to be - warm, sunny, light breeze.......

We arrived and settled in to the Plantation Villiage in a two bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen free standing cabin. Our house mates (4 others) were all really nice and we realised later that the staff gauged which cabin we would fit into best. Sweet. The Plantation Villiage has heaps of character and is a group of freestanding cabins opposite the beach just east of Waimea Bay - so to get to Pipe and Sunset etc you need to ride a bike or walk 20-30 mins. With `Foodland`just a stones throw away it is too easy for groceries etc.

We stayed a couple of days on the north shore, not much swell but beautifull weather and lots of Plantation Villiage cabin partying!!! The bike path along the north shore made for easy access to all the beaches. The swell picked up, with the wind out of the ENE so it was sideshore. Nonetheless Steve got his first taste of Hawaiian power and surfed a messy off the wall. With the weather turning a bit fowl, and looking like hanging around for a couple of days, we decide to make a move and head to Kauaii - the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. NOTE - we flew with GO airlines and they do not accept surfboards, shite....

Buses are not as regular and reliable in Kauaii so we rented a Wrangler to get around in....and sleep in. Yep apparently there were some conferences on in Kauaii and it was either a Wrangler, convertable Mustang or some Chrysler PT cruiser thing.

The rent a car allowed us to explore allot of ground the bus didn`t cover. Kauaii has these awesome beach parks that are complete with parking area, shower and toilet and bbq facilities, and of course, the palm trees and complimentary chickens, roosters and cats. YES Hawaii has pests. The chickens and roosters are everywhere and have no natural predators.

We scaled the Waimea Canyon in the safety of the Wrangler. WOW the views on the way up nearly saw us tumble off the side a couple of times WATCH THE ROAD STEVE!!!!

Koke information centre provided all the information you need for all the hikes and trails in Koke National Park. We chose the Pihea and Alakai trails. The Pihea trail (very very muddy and semi difficult trail) gave us views of the Na Pali coastline which was absolutely breath taking. With valleys full of lush forest, this trail then connected to the Alakai trail which lead us to the Alakai Swamp - the wettest place in the world (well tied with some joint in India actually..). Once up in the swamp (which is really a bog) we were amazed at how misty, wet and wonderful this place is. Yes it is wet! With no one around, no tour guide, the Alakai swamp had to be the most bizzare ecosytem we have ever visited. And did we mention we found half a case of Hieniken near the end of the trail!? Well as Australians we felt it was our duty to drink the remaining beers, which were cold from ambient temps, and take the rubbish back to the car park some 4.5 miles away...

One day of hiking down, one to go. The next day we hit the north shore of Kauaii and trecked the Na Pali Coast. On the way we notice the cute little townships of Kapaa and Hanalei. We parked the Wrangler at Kee beach and embarked on the Kalalau trail. This trail was even more muddy and testing than the previous days hike. Ankle deep in mud clambering over boulders weaving in and out of valleys and headlands. We take a left at Hanakapiai beach and head towards Hanakapaiai Falls. Several hours later through lush rainforest and bamboo fields we reach the falls which stood some 400m tall or so. Yep Steve had to jump in, just had to, and screamed like a banchi as he swam through the 12-13 degree water into the tumbling falls. Unforgetable.

We came, we saw, we smoked some trails!!! We fly back to Oahu just in time for a big swell to hit the north shore. Cruising over the hill you could see the waves breaking IT MUST BE MASSIVE!?!?!?! And it was..

We watch Pipe which had the Pipe trials on for locals etc that were not in the top 44. It was at least 12, maybe 14 ft breaking on 3rd reef and heavy as all hell. Not perfect either, had the willy wonka in it. Guys were pulling into unmakable sections and getting fully worked. It was like watching a blood sport! We heard emergency sirens every couple of hrs. We also watched Sunset with 15ft sets. Velzyland at 4ft was more Steves size, considering he only had a 6`6...

The next day it had dropped a couple of feet. Trials had finished and Pipe was unbelievably crowded. Steve surfed log cabins 4-5ft for the early with no one out. Later on, a couple of mates from Aus turned up to the plantation villiage. The Yazbeck brothers, who were staying with Jeff Bushman. They invited Steve to come surf backyards - a reef out further than sunset, and asked what size board he was going to take out next. Like a little pussy cat, meow, Steve goes `will a 6`6 be ok`, the Yazzy brothers look at each other, pause, look at Steve, and say `well we`ve got a 7`4 and 8`0, but you usually ride short boards yeah????Anyway, luckily the surf had dropped to a more managable 6ft¨with maybe the odd 8. Backyards was fun. Crazy wave as you are pumping down the line towards the crew at Sunset....

The weather remained perfecto. The Plantation Villiage cabin parties continued. Jess snorkled shark cove and went shopping with Nadine and Alex in at Haleiwa. We delayed our flight for a day and then headed to Waikiki for Kaluha on the beach while watching the sunset. We stayed at Polynesian Hostel. Up early the next day we flew out at 8:20am. And that was Hawaii. Freindly, sunny, fun, holy shite waves and all the rest......

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Flying to Hawaii

The eve of the world wide discovery tour!!!!

sunny 30 °C


Just a quick note - We fly out for Hawaii tomorrow - departing Sydney Australia at 8.00pm to arrive in Honolulu Hawaii same day roughly 8.00am.

We are both incredibly excited and trying to catch up on all those things you need to do before you leave home for a year- you just keep finding more things you need to do!

We will post a blog as soon as we can in Hawaii.

Jess and Steve

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