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Land of many steaks and huge waterfalls

all seasons in one day 50 °C

We flew from Santiago into Buenos Aires and copped at $60US entry tax each! WTF! We already paid a $30US departure tax in Chile!!? SheeeSH! But then we found it in the duty free at BA airport - our replacement camera - the new Olympus Stylus 8000 - the upgrade from our broken one. SOLD! Shortly after we go into the city via bus.

After a brief walk from the bus terminal to our hostel we drop bags at 9pm. Hostel El Sol ownded by Paul. OLAH! Como estas, muy bien………….

We had t’d up to work for Paul in his hostel in exchange for free accomodation while we were in Chile. It was sweet. Paul was a champion, a genuinely nice guy that had moved to Argentina from the States. In no time he had all these cool small renovation jobs for us and we got stuck into it. When we finished our few hrs a day working we roamed this cool cat city. Wow BA was cool. The Argentinians don’t sleep. The city is crawling 24/7. Hostel El Sol is located in the fashionable Recoleta but you wouldn’t guess it from the prices Paul had his hostel rooms at. Here we visited the Cementerio de la Recoleta, funky Palermo, the colourful neighborhood of La Boca , and the markets and shops in San Telmo. We also pulled our fingers out POP and pumped out a few sessions in the nature reserve, Reserva Ecologica Costanera.
First photo with the new camera - the flash was sooo bright!P8210296.jpgP8230300.jpgP8230306.jpg
The antique market was pretty cool, relics from 1800's...people from all over the world were here to deal in cheap amazing antiques..
This cemetary was insane, never have you seen so much wealth poored into highly ornate graves and tombs.
La Boca
We spent 9 days in BA, and wanted to spend 9 more - by the way the meat is SO good and SO cheap here. Jess the vegetarian now turned flexaterian, even ate a few big steaks!! But before we would go to Iguazu Falls Paul had one last job for us - help throw a going home party for Yannick - a 19yr ol kid from Holland who had stayed in BA for 11 months since graduating high school. No problems. LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!
We couldn’t leave the next day - this time it was Steve who was too hungover to travel, and had a sore elbow from falling over cleaning up at 5am once the party finished. So we stayed another day/night before saying our hoorays to our boss turned great friend Paul. Thanks mate we had a cracking time in BA and Hostel El Sol.
An overnight bus and we arrived to Puerto Iguazu, a five minute walk and we arrive at ‘Hostel Sweet Hostel’. The weather was perfect the next day and we get the local bus (20mins) to Iguazu Falls. Guarani ledgend has it that Iguazu Falls were created when a jealous forest god went psycho when a warrior escaped down a river with a young girl in a canoe. The canoe wasn't fast enough and the enraged forest god caused the river bed to collapse in front of the young lovers, producing the great Iguazu Falls, in which the young girl plummeted screaming to her death turning into a rock and the warrior backed out at the option of going over the falls, survived and turned into a tree overlooking his fallen lover….Well whatever the legend and origins are, Iguazu Falls is something else. The power. The water. The beauty. THE POWER! We roamed around by foot (there is a train for the old people) for 18km. Running to this look out and that. Exploring the surrounding jungle and finally having an over priced ice cream to finish the day off.
Don't miss Iguazu Falls if you are in this part of the world. We cant say anything for the Brazilian side, apparently a grand overview of the falls, but the up n close viewing decks on the Argentine side will send anyone into a frenzy! We cross the border into Brazil the next day, then get the overnight, shockingly overpriced, bus that was THAT unorganised to Rio de Janeiro.

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